The Reason

There is nothing better then fresh food right? (:
We know that and we live by it with our insulated lunch bags.
We are a family company called Smart4Life that is all about healthy way of living.
That is why our products are focused on keeping things fresh and natural.

Quality. Comfort. Design.

We create our insulated lunch bags with extra care for the quality of materials
and of course the look and feel of the design are a big part of it.
To make sure the food will stay fresh for a long time we added insulate materials
that are FBA approved and can make the food stay fresh for more
then  4 hours under heat environment.

Our unique design created to help you carry your FreshyBag anywhere you go
with style. When you go to work, beach, friends or picnic you can be sure your
food will stay fresh for a long time without need to worry about it.

The Team

image1Talia Shmueli
– Co founder and CEO of Smart4Life

Gee JoyGee Joy – Content and social manager.

418519_304249769672836_500446322_nLaurence Salvador – Customer support manager.


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Taste your life!